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The Tired Vegetarian

All of these recipes are simplified versions of more complex and time consuming meals. They are perfect for those moments where you simply don’t want to cook, but would rather not not eat.


Love, Fame, Tragedy

Tate Modern

8 March – 9 September 2018







translated by robert a. kaster
and martha c. nussbaum

The Coming of Age of
Quantum Biology

Life on
the Edge

Johnjoe McFadden
& Jim Al-Khalili

Out to

Out to Lunch stands as Eric Dolphy’s magnum opus, an absolute pinnacle of avant-garde jazz in any form or era. Its rhythmic complexity was perhaps unrivaled since Dave Brubeck’s Time Out, and its five Dolphy originals—the jarring Monk tribute “Hat and Beard,” the aptly titled “Something Sweet, Something Tender,” the weirdly jaunty flute showcase “Gazzelloni,” the militaristic title track, the drunken lurch of “Straight Up and Down”—were a perfect balance of structured frameworks, carefully calibrated timbres, and generous individual freedom. — AllMusic Review by Steve Huey

Werner Herzog

There is nothing wrong with spending a night in jail if it means getting the shot you need. Send out all your dogs and one might return with prey. Never wallow in your troubles; despair must be kept private and brief. Expand your knowledge and understanding of music and literature, old and modern. That roll of unexposed celluloid you have in your hand might be the last in existence, so do something impressive with it. Carry bolt cutters everywhere. Thwart institutional cowardice.

From A Guide for the Perplexed